Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Modern Gaming

I don't know if it's just me or if other people have noticed it as well, but gaming of all kinds has gone to shit. I remember when I was in my early to mid teens, I was gaming and, granted, I've never been the best, but I was decent. It's not like I'm playing less, hell, I play video games more now then I ever did, and yet it feels like everyone is a hundred times better then me. I remember play SSB growing up and having fun with it. Yeah there were a few people that learned some of the combos by heart, but no one was anywhere NEAR where people are nowadays.

Nowadays it feels like if you want to do anything except get metaphorically raped over and over again then you have to pour every waking moment that you aren't eating (and even that's optional) into that game. What ever happened to jumping online and having a quick match? What happened to playing a game just for fun?

That's something else that gets me. I know that it is fun to win a game, but since when was it the ONLY way to have fun? Since when did people's satisfaction with a game depend on someone else's dissatisfaction? Magic the Gathering for example. I'm more then aware that there have always been people that do nothing but go online, find the top tyr 1 deck, go out and buy the cards for it. Now, mind you, when I started, a Tyr 1 deck usually ran between $80-100. Now, if you want to do anything but loose, you need to spend at LEAST that (or trade for that value) and all you get is a tyr 2 or 3 deck that you sometimes win with. And Tyr 1? the only way you are going to own one of these decks is if you blow hundreds in either booster boxes, trading what you pull for what you need, or (more likely), you spend hundreds buying the exact cards you need for your deck. Either way, unless you have some kind of decent paying job, you can't afford to win most games.

I don't know, once again, I may be the only one out here who seems to have noticed this mass shift of people from casual gaming to hardcore, but it really makes me miss the old days when I could sit down, play mediocre, have a close game that I end up loosing, and walk away happy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Starcraft 2 Beta

Hey guys, as you may know, I am in the Starcraft 2 beta. I'm just gonna talk about it for today, get my thoughts out.

Ok, so to start, in the original starcraft, Protoss was my fav. race. Now, not so much. They have completely nerfed them. they went from a high cost, but strong, well rounded race. Now, unless you rush teir 2 or 3, hope to HELL that the opponent isn't planning on rushing, and spam air units, you are SCREWED.

Then the Terran. They are the most OP race there is! they have a tier 1 unit that has "jump packs" and move too fast for most units to keep up with. And their CHEAP. like, inexpensive. I have seen a game where the Protoss made 3 zelots by the time the Terran have 7 of the jump pack units (I can't remember what they are called). its like WTF!?!?!?! That aside, they are not that bad, they have some decent units, including a mobile suit that can attack land stuff, then transform and become a flying unit. they also have a transport unit called a medivac, which is like a medic from Brood War mixed with a drop ship. in my opinion, not too bad, but kinda cheap. its like "hey, guess what, 60-70% of the land based units out there can't touch me!"

and now, to everyone's fav., the zerg. They have never really been a strong unit, but since when was the overlord NOT a detector! its like, "hey, I'm protoss, I'm a rush dark templars (which are now teir 1-1.5) and guess what? YOU ARE THE ONLY RACE THAT CAN'T HANDLE THEM AT THIS POINT IN THE GAME. So besides not being able to see invis. units, they are as good a melee race as ever. The Zergling rush works like it always has, but it is really had to do anything BUT a zergling rush. Mineral-for-mineral, zerglings are the best melee unit you can have. everything else is not that good for the amount you spend on them. And whats up with these "roaches"? they are like Hydralisks, execpt if Hydralisks SUCKED. they can burrow and have this shiny ability that you can evolve up to so they can move while burrowed (any other race can see them by the time you get them out). they have a mid-range to them (meaning they have shorter range then the hydralisk, and can only attack land units), but you only get 1, they have little HP, and a low attack. they cost 75 Minerals and 25 Gas. so basically, they cost half of what a hyralisk does, and do a quarter of what a hydralisk does.
and now, they have a "queen", but not like we remember them. the queen is a land unit made by the hive. it can either heal a building for 150 damage, make a hive produce 4 extra larva after the timer runs out, or make a Creep tumor. a creep tumor is effectivly a creep colony, execpt it can't change into an anit-X building. they removed creep colonys and now you have a weaker tower-thing that can uproot and move, but offers no creep. they arn't that good considering they have low HP and you can out put more damage by putting the minerals you would spend on actual units that can attack.

well, that's what I have to say about that, and I'm sick of typing, so take it, read it, love it, hate it, idc, w/e, have a great day.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Hey, welcome to the website, this is my home, and I welcome you in. It's been a few years since I made this page, and now that I am in college and have learned some HTML, PERL, and (I HATE YOUR TEACHING STYLE WENDY!!!!) JAVA, I hope to improve on this greatly. For me, this is mainly just a homepage that I can start at and just click something instead of having to type in what website I want to go to, but you can have fun w/ it as well... I guess... just not too much fun, I've put minimal time and effort into making this, you can guess how much time I wanna spend fixing it... :-\.